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Give Me Your Answer, Do

Give Me Your Answer, Do
Peter Marchant

First-ever new edition of Peter Marchant's only novel, originally published in London in 1960 Michael Joseph, Ltd.

From the original edition's dust jacket:

"At 31, Margaret Finlay has achieved success. She has a good secretarial job in the city, a beautiful sports bicycle, and a one-room flatlet furnished entirely to her taste. She need depend on no one, not on her mother whom she hates, not on her father in Bombay who never answers her letters, and not on the empty headed ninnies of the typists' room who can talk of nothing but clothes and boy friends. She has had a rich past, a childhood full of memories, mostly because of the companionship of Bradshaw, a dream pony, who first visited her during the long, room-darkened hours of the measles.

"Margaret has a good life with her job, her home and her bike, which takes her to and from the office, and away on holiday with per paint-box. Yet occasionally, most unreasonably, she finds herself a little depressed. The nattering of her colleagues gets on her nerves and, especially, their smug assumption that Margaret Finlay's life is devoid of romance.

"One fine morning, exasperated with all the bragging about dates and forthcoming marriages, Margaret lets fly about her long and beautiful friendship with Bradshaw. Her story causes a sensation in the typists' room far more dramatic than she could have possibly expected.

"The repercussions prompt Herbert Bacon, insurance clerk, to overcome his own inhibitions sufficiently to ask Margaret Finlay out to lunch. In accepting, Margaret starts a chain of events which lead to a violent onslaught by physical reality on her private world. The rest of this novel is the tragi-comic account of this conflict."


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